Pre-Assessment Audit

Once the system is effectively in place and records are being maintained in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008, the process of internal audit should also be initiated by the company teams. We recommend that this is supplemented by a formal pre-assessment audit by external auditors in the final run up to Registration.

This audit should take place approximately three months after the implementation of the full system, and preferably about three months prior to the registration audit, thereby allowing any corrective actions which may be identified as required to be fully effective prior to the arrival of the official audit team.

The audit team provided by The Victoria Group comprises personnel who have not been involved in the consultancy activity. It may include one of the trainers, but not a consultant from your project. In this way we ensure objectivity in the conduct of the audit. The Team Leader will be a Certificated Lead Auditor under one or more of the National Registration Schemes, and team members will all be experienced auditors, many of them also Certificated Lead Auditors.

The estimate for the pre-assessment audit, like that for Gap Analysis, is based on variables such as company size, sites and site locations. At the conclusion of the audit, a formal written report will be submitted within ten working days. It will contain all the audit findings raised during the audit together with fully detailed recommendations for any corrective actions which may be required.

Estimate of time depends on the size and complexity of the organization, the technologies in use, and the physical layout of the site or sites to be audited.

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